Friday, July 15, 2011

Taormina Road June 29

 Beautiful beaches, viewed from the top of the road leading into Taormina

                                         Roman theater overlooking the city, Mt Atna in the back

Taormina Road              June 29

Finally it was time to say goodbye to Siracusa and head up the Messina Strait. We’ve stayed here at Siracusa and docked at the town quay for almost two weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed this lovely city.  On a bright Wednesday morning we lifted our stern anchor, which miraculously held our boat at the dock through 20+ knots wind. Heading north, the wind gradually picked up to over 10 knots and we were able to put up our sails and made good progress. Mount Etna was constant there on our port side, puffing a trail of smoke that casts a veil of haze over the entire area. The wind was tricky up the strait, gusting to over 15 knots, then dies down to nothing, then as soon as we started the engine, freshened again but from a different direction.

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