Friday, July 15, 2011

Milazzo July 3

Milazzo           July 3

We stopped at Milazzo to rest up and to get fuel and provisions before we head over to the Aeolean Islands, which are small volcanic islands with limited availability for provisions. We also needed to replace a broken alternator belt. Milazzo is a mid-sized city on the north coast of Sicily, next to a major refinery complex. The marina is a nice one, as reflected by the mooring fees (charge band 5!). The city is a pleasant surprise, with a nice waterfront and streets of tidy ancient buildings. In the evening, the waterfront was flooded with people enjoying the sea breeze, families with young children, fashionable young couples, along with the odd tourists. This region was once under the control of Spain, and parts of the city still have a Spanish feel. A large citadel rings the peak of a hill overlooking the harbour. Most of it is still in very good condition, particularly a church which has been beautifully restored and is open to the public as a museum.

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