Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring: Hong Kong, Barcelona

In end of March we were in Hong Kong to see my (Ben) family. The last time we were in HK was 5 years ago, when we were on a business trip when I was working at NCR. We had such a different life back then!

The long flight took us through Munich, Peking, and finally after almost 24 hours, HK. We stayed at my brother’s house in Taipao, a small countryside city about an hours drive or train-ride from the city core. The house is in a beautiful setting – the backyard overlooks a bay framed by mature trees, gentle waves lapping a quiet beach not far away, and mountains in the distance. We stayed there for a few days, and then moved to a vacation-apartment on the Hong Kong Island. We had a great time seeing relatives and friends, and trying out lots of restaurants!
      View from the roof-top terrace in TaiPao  

      The view from the Peak overlooking Victoria Harbor

Now we are back in Barcelona. April is probably the best time in the year here, perfect temperature at about 20C during the day, mostly sunny under a blue sky, mixed in with a few days of shower sometimes. The downside is that tourist season is also in full swing, and throngs of tourists are everywhere. But we’ve gotten to know a few places where the locals go – the little cafĂ© here where we go for coffee and pastry after a long walk through the park, the Belgium restaurant down the corner with excellent steaks and great price if you make a reservation on the internet…and the almond trees are in full bloom, and the bike paths are so inviting…so we are staying here for another month, and in May we will haul out and then hit the road. 

      Easter parade through the streets of Barcelona 

      Dinner at our friend Sherry and Dennis' apartment on La Rambler