Sunday, December 2, 2012

Licata Oct. 7, 2012

We finally arrived at Licata Marina, the winter home for our boat this year. Licata is a medium-sized city, off the beaten track and completely not a tourist town. The marina is very big and only two years old. They have an ambitious plan for this marina and someday it is expected to be a mega marina accommodating over 500 boats, with a luxury condo recreation development. But for now it has only two long pontoons with about a hundred boats. So for now it's a bit quiet, but it's a first-classs marina. All the services are in places, with a nice washroom/shower building, Starbucks-grade coffee house, chandery, and a large, modern mall with a well-stocked supermarket is a short walk away. The coffee house is very nice, and not expensive. We've spent many lazy afternoons there

Licata Marina grounds

The coffee shop at the marina. 

Browsing travel magazines at the coffee house

The larger cruising boats are all on one pontoon. It's a very international scene, a mix of French, Belgium, Germans, Americans, Kiwis, and even some Canadians! Everyone is very friendly, and we feel quite at home here. The city is a typical mid-size Sicily town, with a bustling old-town, some old churches, squares where old men sit around. It's not overly attractive, but it's safe and friendly, and there are lots of shops within a short walk that met our daily needs. Ben found a neighborhood barbershop, where one can have a nice Italian haircut for about half the price of that back home in Canada. He likes it short and spiky..