Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eastern Sardinia July 16 - 20

Roast suckling pig!


Ocean vista at a mountain pass

Eastern Sardinia July 16 - 20

After a peaceful night at Porto della Tavarna, we’re fully rested and ready to motor into the narrow channel of Golfo di Olbia. Once passed the N cardinal buoy and the lighthouse at the entrance, we just followed the marked beacons. On either side of the channel, there are mussel farms, with hundreds of buoys set on the water.

Olbia is a commercial town with airports, one for well-to-dos to land their private jets to get to Costa Smeralda and the commercial one for mainland connection. Unlike most of Sardinia, Olbia is well-protected from any strong winds. Some yachts are able to moor alongside the old commercial quay with no worry of any major blows, but there have been reports of break-ins and theft. We berthed at Circolo Nautico Olbia, a small, friendly club marina close to the town. The place was run by Salvatori and there’s a St. Bernard ‘guard’ dog named Penelope and she got the look of a lion!

Santa Maria Navarrese is a small, nice resort town. Some people would base here and explore the surrounding Gennargentu National Park, however, it’s just enjoyable to take a short hike up the bellavista and here, one could have the wonderful view over Isola dell’Oligastra towards Arbatax.

Sardinia interior has one of the most splendorous rugged Supramonte. It has mountains/seacliffs/gorges/canyons packed in one island, and the area of Ogliastra is considered as climber’s paradise, one of Europe’s finest.

We ended the day by driving into Tortoli/Arbatax, a town we knew reasonably well, with its well known Rocce Rosse, and Porto Frailis. At 6:00pm, we bided farewell to Jade, who soon would continue on her journey to Morocco.

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