Friday, July 15, 2011

Noto June 20


Noto is another UNESCO town near Siracusa. We took the AST bus and it went through Canicattini Bagni and Avola, during rush hour at 4pm, in order to be there later in the day to avoid the heat. Noto was designed in Baroque style, using the local white tufa, a limestone that has turned a honey-brown colour from sun, and it’s best seen at sunset when the light shines on the golden buildings.

Some of the best pastries we've had, ever!

A wedding party

Interesting facade of the Nicolaci Palace

One of the tasks Eliza enjoyed doing was in search for the “best” places to eat. In Noto, we enjoyed having dolce at CaffĂ© Sicilia and gelati at Bar-Gelateria Constanza. The pastry chef at CaffĂ© Sicilia had high regards from international critics and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to taste some of the finest cassata and slices of noccinata and mandoria. First bite and you could taste the pastry was made with fresh ingredients; the cream, nuts, and fruit favour just whelmed your senses. We ended our evening at Noto with the infamous gelato from Constanza. The place was packed. Again, some Italians really know a few things about how to put fresh cream, milk and fruit together in making a smooth, creamy, flavourful scoop of gelato.

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