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What a day May 20, 2011

What a day May 20, 2011
Our two guests, Matt and Inga left 3 Rivers to return to Ontario. We missed their company. They both are knowledgeable sailors and fun to be with. They not only obliged to 3 Rivers’ do’s and don’ts, but also were not frazzled by 3 Rivers’ heavily indulged meat and sweets diet. With Matt’s help in trimming the sails, splicing the lines, and cleaning the wrenches, 3 Rivers certainly is in better shape than 2 weeks ago. In the mean time, Inga had been busy feeding the crews and she's one great story teller. With her great sense of humour, we're entertained and charmed by her stories everyday. And as soon as we’re on land, we’re ready for “happy hours”, with ouzo “Mini” and party red wine on hands reminiscing over the great sailing we just had. Well, all good things must end somehow as we waved goodbye to the Cowans on the early wee hour when they boarded the bus to Split.

Ben had the master plan of inviting James, a Canadian sailor from Montreal on board to chat about places to visit; change engine oil; and depart the marina by noon when Eliza is done with laundry and provisioning. James did show up, but the oil change didn’t go according to plan. A slight human error had caused oil discharged into the entire engine room, and all sort of pads (mainly baby diapers) were used to absorb the spillage. This hard learn lesson will forever be remembered and hopefully, never to repeat again. On the bright side, Ben was extremely clean, from head to toe; laundry was returned, also extremely clean, from sheet to sheet. We didn’t leave ACI and happy hours continued with our neighboring boat Sideways - Roger, the skipper and his crew, Nick.

What a day!

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