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Beautiful town of Poros May 3, 2011

The waterway approach to Poros

Beautiful town of Poros May 3, 2011
Considered as one of the most beautiful areas in Greece, Poros certainly lives up to its reputation. The town is situated on a small volcanic peninsula, on the shores of the mountainous Peloponnese. There are no shortages of well-protected anchorages in this stunning emerald-green body of water.

Poros is also known as a haven for yachties, and boats with international flags (mainly charter boats) can be seen tied up along the waterfront. Other than the regulars (GER, UK, FR, NTH), there are also sailors from Russia, Czech, Austria, Croatia, Lithuania, Chad …. very international indeed.

Eliza happily test riding the buggy

- A wonderful view from driving around the island

To explore the island, we rented a 4-wheel buggy and visited the Temple of Poseidon, saw the ruins left by Demosthenes, and the stunning view of the Saronic Gulf. Putt putt down the scenic coastline, passed the Askeli beach and we came upon the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigis, which was used as early as 200 C.E. Going along NW of the coastline, there were numerous coves and bays and the one that impressed us the most was the Russian Bay. A secluded bay that would fit several yachts, with crystal-clear emerald green water, bordered by a small sandy beach, it’s postcard-perfect. We ended our day of expedition with coffee and ice cream.

A picture-perfect anchorage called Russian Bay

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