Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Passage to Croatia May 16, 2011

Passage to Croatia May 16, 2011
We had planned to sail directly from Corfu to Croatia, bypassing Albania and Montenegro, given our limited time. The route covers 220 nautical miles and goes through the open Adriatic Sea, so we were watching the weather carefully. A south wind behind our back would be nice. Failing that, motoring in flat calm would be alright too. With a full complement of crews, we were determined to sail whenever there’s wind. The forecast called for a strong south wind Monday and then it will clock around to north-west at 15 knots and more. We were ready for a rough sail.

The fresh north wind never materialized and both wind and wave calmed down by night, and we motored, under a full moon that lit up the sea behind shades of clouds. We passed by the dark coast of Albania, near a charted area identified to be ‘mined’, left over from the previous wars; although we’ve been told that those mines have long been cleared, but you never know.

Sunset. Heavy rain clouds to the right.

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