Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crossing the Corinth Canal May 9, 2011

Crossing the Corinth Canal May 9, 2011

Our friends Matt and Inga joined up with us at Poros on the 6th. After some sightseeing on the island, we were ready to continue with our trip. The next major point of interest was Corinth Canal. Providing a short cut between the Korinthiakos and the Saronic gulfs, the canal stretches 4 miles long and 60 ft wide, and was built in 1883. Cutting a narrow slice through vertical limestone cliffs, it is one of the most impressive canals in the world. On a per mile basis it is also one of the most expensive canals to cross.

Docking at the Canal entrance. A freighter went by.

A group picture. The lady on the left, Brenda, is from the boat docking next to us.

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