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Sheltering in Pethi April 19, 2011

Simi water front

A relaxing lifestyle....

The harbour at Simi

Anchorage at Pethi

Sheltering in Pethi April 19, 2011

We anchored in a nicely sheltered bay at Pethi as near gale warning was forecasted for the next few days in the Aegean. To explore Simi, which lies NE of Pethi, we hiked over the steep ridge of Chorio and once over the top, the Gulf of Doris was in full view. It’s a magnificent sight. The island of Simi is a small, yet dramatic showpiece of the Dodecanese chain, with jagged mountain peaks like raw diamonds cutting the air. The picturesque town is dotted with red-roofed, white and stone houses, set into the steep hillsides surrounding the bay, highlighted by many charming churches. Simi was once known for its shipbuilding, sponge diving, fishing and commercial trade. What happened on many Greek islands certainly applies to Simi: the town is now mainly a tourist town, with ferry boats coming from Rhodes, as many as five or more in the summer. We noticed some shops started closing up at 2:00pm and thought the Greeks were maintaining their siesta hours. No, shops closed because the ferry was departing at 2:00pm. No more tourists! We took advantage of the 1€ bus ride back to our anchorage and along the narrow alleyway-like road, we saw houses of neoclassical style, and once again, we enjoyed the stunning view of both Pethi and Ghialos towns. It was a pleasant excursion. We arranged for fuel to be delivered at the pier the next day and then back to Turkish water to get check out at Datca.

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