Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter at Astipalaia April 25, 2011

Finally, a nice, calm day

Easter at Astipalaia April 25, 2011
We are the lone boat at this anchorage at the island of Astipalaia for a third fourth day now, still waiting for the wind to calm down. This little fishing/resort hamlet called Maltezana is very quiet as the tourist season has not started yet. We are sheltered from waves on all directions, but not sheltered from the wind, which rolls over the hills surrounding the small harbor and blasts us at full force, day and night at 25 knots. There have been gale and near-gale warnings for the Aegean every week for the last 4 weeks. It’s all white caps even within the small bay. The masts moan, and the bimini shakes under every gust. The boat swings around in and out of the wind, straining the anchor. The halyards are secured but some lines always manage to slap against something and make a rhythmic noise. Thankfully the anchor, set with an all-chain scope of 8:1, is solidly holding. Spring is arriving late in the Aegean and it’s unseasonably cold, about 15C during the day. However the scenery is beautiful. It’s always sunny, the water clear and emerald green, distant mountains brown with patches of green, dotted by neat white-washed vacation villas and houses. A great way to make use of the anchor time is read, read, and read if you are Eliza. If you are restless like Ben, you varnish, fine-tuning the radio system and re-set the sails. Only if we don’t have a schedule; Matt & Inga, we’re trying …..
By late afternoon, the wind has calmed down somewhat as there are more activities happening; a small plane has landed at the nearby airport, a small ketch puttering around the islands, small fishing boats coming out from the harbour and we have a new neighbour, a French boat called Tempo Rubato. With certainty, tomorrow we can make our run to Thira (Santorini).

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