Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sant Elm May 11 – 14

We waited till noon at Soller for the land breeze to pickup and to sail west around the northern coast of Mallorca. The breeze did turn up in the harbor, but it was deceiving. Once we exited the harbor, the wind die down to a whisper, and we had to motor the entire 30 miles to our next anchorage. We were in the wind shadow of the island which blocks the prevalent southerly breezes. Around the Gulf of Leon and in Corsica and Sardinia it is blowing at 20 to 30 knots, but here we get nothing. Ah, too much, too little…

 Isla Dragonera 

Sant Elm bay

The bay at Sant Elm is the first secure anchorage on the north-west side of the island. Sheltered on three sides by small islands, the larger one being Isla Dragonera (use some imagination and you can see the dragon’s head and tail), the bay is a lovely quiet little spot with good holding. The white sandy bottom reflects the sun and turns the clear water into a beautiful turquoise blue. Schools of small fish swim around. There are some small beaches and resort hotels, a few boats anchored, people swimming in the still cold water. The weather is gorgeous, around 25C in the day, with a light breeze driving small, sparkling ripples in the sea, the blue sky shimmering. There is a small swell coming into the bay, rocking the boat gently. We like it here, doing some small chores, reading a book, watching boats coming and going, listening to the rhythmic surfs on the beach.

Our pigeon visitor checking out Eliza's cockie crumbs

One afternoon a messenger pigeon stopped by, either lost or on his/her way to somewhere. It was a beautiful bird, with a blue patch on just one shoulder. There were identification rings on both legs. She was clearly looking for human company, and stayed at exactly touch distance from us. She accepted some water, but declined our salted seeds. She slept at our cockpit in the evening, and by next morning she was gone, hopefully on her way to her destination.

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