Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brindisi & Lecci June 11-13

Brindisi is a major commercial port on the south-east coast of Italy, just before the heel of the boot. It’s not a tourist town and visitors mostly use it as a transition point. We stopped here to clear customs into Italy and to get provisions. One blustery morning we entered into the huge harbour, chased by a monster-sized freighter, and pulled alongside the deserted town dock. Unlike Turkey, Greece, or Croatia, there are no harbor attendants to provide docking assistance. They will charge a lot of money for docking, but don’t expect any services! Welcome to the rest of Europe.

Brindisi turned out to be nicer than expected. Behind the single line of waterfront buildings and resturants, we found pleasant backstreets of stately houses, elegant churches, and tidy squares. This used to be an important port in Roman times, and adorning the harbor there’s a large, beautifully carved stone column which was uncovered and restored.

Chiesa del Rosario

Santa Croce, the rose window by Lo Zingarello

Santa Croce, the front

The lock-up lamp post

Interesting alley way

Taking the train, from Brindisi to Lecce

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